Return to France

Her adventures were published in papers all over the world for years after… her glory allowed her, in 1928, to buy Samten Dzong, her fortress of meditation, in Digne. It was there that she wrote most of her books helped by Yongden. In 1929, the young man became her legaly adopted son. Alexandra who didn’t want a child imposed by the nature, chose her own…

Yongden en 1927Alexandra wrote about children : « All the people of my parent’s generation have passed away and a lot from my generation are also dead… Why are we put on this earth if it is to leave like this? And curiously, there are people who want to bring children into the world to inflict on them the pain of growing old and dying… I find this a fierce idea.

Samten DZong 1928After returning from Lhassa, Alexandra and her son rented a house in Toulon in the south of France. Alexandra wished to own her own residence, in a sunny isolated place. Eventually, an estate agency in Marseille proposed her a house in Digne.

Samten Dzong 1932Samten dzong was, at first a very simple and modest provençal house. She rapidely extented the house to accomodate her trunks, her relics from her trips and about 500 tibetan manuscripts. However, the little mountains surrounding her home were nothing in comparison to Everest, but the sky was blue and the sun shined. Alexandra was seduced by the beauty of the pre-Alpes, those « Himalayas for lilliputians », as she liked to say to the reporters.