Alexandra David-Néel wrote a large number of books, on various subjets, both brilliant and full of surprises. These books continue to inspire and fascinate more and more readers. A certain number of these books are regularly translated into other languages.

This abstract is composed of : various articles written in French or in English, about 20 books written during the life of the author, very numerous texts reunited by Marie-Madeleine Peyronnet after 1969, and all of her correspondance with her husband Philippe Néel (the last version and edition was completed in 2000).

She was very gifted as a writer whether it was to recount her adventures or to present the most subtle theories of the Indian or Tibetan traditions. Her works are caracterised by a style which is sharp-minded, brilliant, clear, and always educational. Through her books, Alexandra communicates her real life experiences and her philosophical and spiritual knowledge.

All her writings, even her adventure stories and her 3 tibetan novels, are the bearers of a teaching that the reader simply has to discover.

What’s more, these stories are inspired by real life events, by characters she met in Asia and by her own personnal experiences. This is what gives more weight to these already beautiful lines.

Articles from her youth

A popularization of high quality

Accounts of her journeys

The mystical Tibet and the 3 tibetan novels

The secret teachings and the tibetan bouddhism

Translation of indian and tibetan textes

Letters of correspondance with her husband

Publications after her death

Marie-Madeleine Peyronnet