A popularization of high quality

Her first articles and two studies were on the subject of Chinese philosophy (Mo Tse, Yong Tchu).  The orientalist had chosen the niche “popularization of quality”, a speciality, at the time, inexistent in the areas of interest which she valued the most.  These books are no longer published.

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In 1911, Alexandra made clear the objective of “popularization” in the introduction of her book: « The Modernisme Bouddhiste et le bouddhisme du bouddha« 

« The necessity for a new book dedicated to Buddhism could be debatable.  Already, there were numerous publications on the same subject, extremely erudite and very well organized, and yet, amongst all this literature, there was still a need for a “simple elementary manual”.  That is to say, one which could satisfy the needs of readers wishing to be enlightened, but did not have much time at their disposal and little or no special cultural preparatory. »

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Alexandra remained faithful to this literary axe throughout her life, specifying that her works were not classicist.  The same can be said of her book written in 1961, entitled « Immortalité and reincarnation: doctrines et pratiques, Chine, Tibet, Inde«  , in which she only mentions the territories where she was very well informed in terms of the lifestyle and culture.  The text is clear, the style vigorous and the overall view perfectly adapted for a public informed but not specialized.