Mystical Tibet and 3 tibetan novels

Mystical Tibet is published in a single volume and contains four texts.

« Mystiques et magiciens du Tibet«  (1929) gives us a strong insight into the religious practices that took place in the Tibetan mountains at the time, and the mysterious phenomena which were observed there.  We are led to a better understanding of what is, for many, inaccessible.

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« Le Lama aux cinq sagesses« , written by Yongden, in 1929, is a magnificent initiatory tale in keeping with the traditional Tibetan people: adventures, spirituality, ethnology, love, poetry, picturesque… a palpitating read!

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The author presents « Magie d’amour et magie noire » (1938) as a novel based on a real testimony.  Alexandra explains that certain information was withheld from the novel so as not to frighten the readers by the mentioning of practices which are so terrible that they have to be seen to be believed: that of  “ the research of immortality by the « vital-breath eaters »!


« La puissance du néant«  (1954) is the last text in this volume of fictional trilogy.  It reads like a detective novel, at the same time relating to teachings of a spiritual nature.  Yongden leaves it up to the reader to discover the meaning.