Posthumous books

Alexandra had wished to give us, in person, these stories of those wanderers in search of mysterious worlds beyond the limits of our senses.  These texts, found amongst her notes formed the first posthumous book (1972).  The subject matter ranges from the esoteric circles of Londoners and Parisians to the Tibetan plateaus, the Gobi desert and Aydar (Indian refuge of theosophists in the Himalaya’s).  All is surprisingly intact and well preserved… the serenity of mind and the radiance of wisdom, not forgetting the spontaneous writing coupled with a charming sense of humor. This makes an essential contribution to the works of Alexandra David Néel during the century of her long pathway towards the realms of knowledge. « Le sortilege du mystère » is no longer in publication.


« Gargantua au pays des neiges«  is the title given by Alexandra David-Néel.

Marie-Madeleine Peyronnet had compiled a collection of those recipes chosen from Alexandra’s books.

       Inviting us to the Tibetan tables in order to taste their meat dishes, their Tsampa, their diary products, their vegetables, their fruits and their drinks. The taste is not always agreable to the european palate and you may have some unpleasant surprises. (1975).


«Voyages et aventures de l’esprit» regroups a series of articles written by Alexandra for the newspapers on very various subjects. It was compiled by Marie-Madeleine Peyronnet after the explorer’s death in 1969. (1985)


«La lampe de sagesse» is a collection of thoughts and maxims of Alexandra David-Néel, found in her little notebooks and in her correspondance. (1986)