Secrets teachings and tibetan bouddhism

Alexandra was authorized by the « Gomchen » the superior of the monastery of Lachen to disclose some of the teachings that he had passed on to her.  These reports are the single most innovated, as no other occidental explorer had had access to this knowledge.  To the present day, they are used as reference and constitute an important testimony to the practices of certain Buddhist orders dating from as far back as the beginning of the 20th century.

As the title indicates, the « Initiations Lamaïques » (1930) describes the different initiations conferred from master to disciple in Tibetan Buddhism.  Throughout the pages of this book it is understood that Alexandra had accomplished the different levels of buddhist teachings in the same way.

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Very much later, in 1951, the book entitled « Les enseignements secrets des bouddhistes tibetains. La vue pénétrante » and « La connaissance transcendante » explained the principal concepts of Lamaism, which are referred to as: the secret, the knowledge, the way, the liberation, the void.

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